How can you resist the deliciousness and variety of PERUVIAN  food?  You will have the opportunity to explore the whole Hispanic world in one afternoon. With a great blend of flavors and spices, you will not be disappointed. At the Festival you could get a taste of Peruvian Culture!

Come and get the best Peruvian experiance this:

"Since 2012, the second largest Latino demographic in Colorado, Peruvians, amongst a plethora of other latino communities,will join together to celebrate Independence from Spain.  This will be the 4th Annual Peruvian Festival celebrating the 195th year of Independence from Spain! There is a lot to celebrate besides winning it's independence.  For the fourth consecutive year, Peru wins first place for the top gastronomical destination in the WORLD, Pisco is gaining notoriety as a top liquor, and Peru beat Brazil in an exhilarating soccer match. It is at this Festival that Coloradan Peruvians celebrate their people, and culture.  There will be authentic Peruvian cuisine and drinks, there will be Artists traveling from Peru performing, comedians, music, dancing, and much much more.  The event is open to everyone, and will be a beautiful, colorful, and prideful event that has proven to get bigger and better every year. It is a Denver event you don't want to miss!"

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